Indian Brand Name : Crotonol
US Brand Name : Antabuse
Manufacturer : Intas Pharma
Generic Name : disulfiram
Strength : 500mg
Packaging : Tablet
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Disulfiram is a medication which is used in liquor dependance. It is used as part of a program for individuals who have previously had an alcoholism. It can help individuals who have efficiently ceased liquor consumption to remain totally exempt from liquor consumption. Disulfiram works by avoiding the whole body breaking down liquor.
Treatment with Disulfiram can only start once at least 24 hours have approved since you had your last consume of liquor. After Disulfiram has been ceased you must not consume liquor for one week. If you take this medication and you consume liquor at the same time there can be a dangerous build up of a chemical from the liquor in the whole body. This may lead to a serious and sometimes critical response known as a disulfiram–alcohol response.
Low liquor beverages or non-alcohol and alcohol-free beverages and bottles of wine may cause a response when absorbed in adequate amounts. Certain foods, fluid medications, remedies, medications, toiletries, fragrances and aerosol fumigation’s may contain adequate liquor to cause a Disulphide-alcohol response.

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