Indian Brand Name : Okacet
US Brand Name :
Manufacturer : CIPLA
Generic Name : Levocetrizine
Strength : 5 mg
Packaging : 10 Tablets
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Other Combinations :

Levocetirizine is an antihistamine used to reduce allergic responses such as watery eyes, drippy nasal area, itchiness eyes/nose, sneezing, cities, and itchiness. It performs by preventing a certain organic material (histamine) that your body creates during an sensitivity.Drowsiness, exhaustion, and xerostomia area may happen. High temperature or coughing may also happen, especially in kids. If any of these results continue to persist or intensify, tell your physician or pharmacologist quickly.Before taking levocetirizine, tell your physician or pharmacologist if you are sensitive to it; or tocetirizine; or to hydroxyzine; or if you have any other allergic reactions. This item may contain non-active components, which can cause allergic reactions or other issues.Drug communications may modify how your medicines work or improve your threat for serious adverse responses.

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