Indian Brand Name : Nizoral
US Brand Name : Nizoral
Manufacturer : Janssen-Cilag
Generic Name : Ketoconazole
Strength : 200 mg
Packaging : Tablet
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Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal medication in the same group of medication as fluconazole ,itraconazole  and miconazole. It stops development of several kinds of illness by avoiding manufacturing of the places such as illness tissues.

Oral ketoconazole snacks a wide range of illness attacks such as illness of the skin or mouth area position (thrush), blastomycosis,histoplasmosis, coccidiomycosis and other. it also is used to cure illness attacks that have not settled griseofulvin, another anti-fungal medication. it is also used for the therapy ringworm,jock itchiness, sportsman’s feet, dry skin, and tinea versicolor.

SIDE EFFECTS: Ketoconazole usually is well can cause knowing, itchiness, nausea or throwing up, throwing up, stomach discomfort, frustration, faintness,fatigue, development issues, and blood vessels depend issues.

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