(Lamivudine )
Indian Brand Name : Lamivudine
US Brand Name : Epivir
Manufacturer : Cipla
Generic Name : Lamivudine
Strength : 150 mg
Packaging : 10 Tablets
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Other Combinations :

Lamivudine is used along with other medicines to treat individual defense lack of malware disease. Lamivudine is used to treat liver disease B disease. Lamivudine is in a type of medicines known as nucleoside opposite transcriptase inhibitors . It works by reducing the amount of HIV and liver disease B in the blood vessels. Although lamivudine does not treat HIV, it may reduce your possibility of creating obtained immunodeficiency problem and HIV-related diseases such as serious attacks or melanoma. Getting these medicines along with exercising more secure sex and making other life-style changes may reduce the chance of transferring the HIV malware to other people.

Before taking lamivudine,
•tell your physician and pharmacologist if you are sensitive to lamivudine or any other medication.
•tell your physician and pharmacologist what prescribed and over the counter medicines you take.

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