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Manufacturer : Naturon Healthcare Limited
Generic Name : SugarGuard
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Packaging : Tablet
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SugarGuard Nutritive capsules contain a complementary blend of thiamin, biotin, chromium and consistent extract of Gymnema sylvestre leaf for targeted healthy assistance of glucose metabolic rate. SugarGuard Nutritive may be a useful supplement for those who wish to back up healthy control of healthy blood vessels sugar levels metabolic rate.
Glycation is the non-enzymatic attachment of carbs to major molecules in the whole body, including necessary protein, fats, and nucleic chemicals. Glycation reactions generate advanced glycation end-products and glycotoxin intermediates. It can cause abnormal and destructive functioning of whole body necessary protein, fats, and nucleic chemicals. AGE associated damage is alleged in the pathogenesis of many diseases and age-related deteriorations.
AGE’s can be created endogenously as a consequence of excessive blood vessels sugar levels levels. AGE are also present in browned foods and cured tobacco.