Indian Brand Name : Eriacta
US Brand Name : Revatio / Viagra
Manufacturer : Ranbaxy Laboratories
Generic Name : ­sildenafil-­citrate
Strength : 100 mg
Packaging : 4 Tablets
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Eriacta is a supplement that is used to cure men growth issues. The elements is very similar to the popular drugs The red tablet and its element Sildenafil Citrate. The makers are Ranbaxy but there is no official website for the product itself. There are no cash return guarantees offered but there are suggestions of the predicted great outcomes of Eriacta

The main element in Eriacta is Sildenafil Citrate. The material substance helps cure growth issues in two different ways. The first effect is through the self-consciousness of the PDE5 material which prevents the avoiding of the growth in the penis. The second effect is to produce production of GMP, which expands the growth when it happens. One of the success of the use of this supplement is through the growth of Nitric Oxide, allowing the blood vessels vessels to rest assisting the blood vessels veins flow to the penis.

The supplement is recommended to be taken only an time before real sex-related sexual activity. Because there is a lack of knowledge as to the elements the usage of this drug is not secure for all men, generally of those with prior complaints such as hypertension, being suffering from diabetes and/or renal sickness.