Hard On Jelly

(Sildenafil Citrate)
Indian Brand Name : Hard On jelly
US Brand Name : Viagra
Manufacturer : Ajanta Pharma
Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate
Strength : 100 Mg
Packaging : Jelly
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Hard-On Jelly is consumed straight into the blood circulation vessels and allows men accomplish in construction within 20 moments of utilization. It contains Sildenafil Citrate which is a PDE5 chemical and improves the blood circulation circulation to the vagina.

Guidelines for usage

  • Follow the amount recommendations offered by your physician or as described in the training booklet/product brand.
  • Always use only as recommended. Never surpass the amount.
  • The highest possible allowed amount of Hard-On Jam is once in 24 time.
  • Hard-On Jam may be used with or without food.
  • The package contains 28 sachets of the jelly in various tastes.

NOTE: Use only if recommended to you and designed for your use. Do not discuss with others.

Missed Dose

Hard-On Jam is used as required. It is not used according to a dosing routine so you are unlikely to skip a amount.