Indian Brand Name : Penegra 100 mg
US Brand Name : Viagra
Manufacturer : Zydus Alidac
Generic Name : Sildenafil
Strength : 100 Mg
Packaging : 4 Tablets
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Penegra energizes the incident and it preserves the construction until the intake of the sex-related act. It is accepted by Meals and Drugs Management.

How does Penegra act?

Penegra functions upon the cells and veins, creating them more flexible and allowing the accessibility of more blood veins. Consequently the male organ dimension improves and it becomes more firm. The medication responds in this way only if there is a sex-related stimulation. When the sex-related act is over or the excitation vanished, the drug does not have impact any longer.

Women must not take this medication even if some individuals say that Penegra can have a identical impact, allowing to the lovemaking cells of the clitoris to be extremely general. There were conducted assessments on females and they wee not effective. Some physicians suggest Penegra to females with physical problems, but they must not be taken by females who have emotional conditions under any conditions. You would better discuss to your physician if you are a lady and you are influenced to take Penegra.