Indian Brand Name : Differin
US Brand Name : Differin
Manufacturer : Galderma
Generic Name : Adapalene
Strength : 0.01%
Packaging : Gel
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Adapalene is a gel used for the treatment of pimples vulgaris (pimples). The actual procedure of action is not known. Researchers believe that when adapalene is used to the epidermis, it impacts the development of epidermis tissues and thereby decreases the development of pimples.

Clean and dry the impacted places. Apply a slim part of gel to the impacted places once daily at bed time. Avoid the eyes, mouth and nasal area. There may be a difficult of pimples during the first few several weeks of treatment because adapalene encourages the development of pimples that have started to form but are not yet noticeable. Therefore, treatment should not be ceased if pimples seems to be difficult. Benefits should be seen by 8 to 12 several weeks.