Indian Brand Name : Benoquin
US Brand Name :
Manufacturer : Bristol Laboratories
Generic Name : monobenzone
Strength : 20gm
Packaging : Cream
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Monobenzone  is the most highly effective substance for skin lightening, skin lightening & medical depigmentation. Monobenzone is a depigmenting broker whose procedure of activity is not completely recognized. The external program of Monobenzone in creatures, improves the removal of melanin from the melanocytes. The same activity is believed to be accountable for the depigmenting impact of the medication in people. Monobenzone may cause devastation of melanocytes and long lasting depigmentation. This impact is irregular and may take one to four several weeks to happen while current melanin is missing with regular abrading of the stratum corneum. Hyperpigmented skin seems to reduce more quickly than does regular skin and contact with sunshine decreases the depigmenting impact of the medication. The histology of the skin after depigmentation with external Monobenzone is the same as that seen in vitiligo, the skin is regular except for the lack of recognizable melanocytes.