Tretinoin Gel

(Tretinoin Gel)
Indian Brand Name : Tretinoin Gel
US Brand Name : Retin-A
Manufacturer : Shalaka
Generic Name : Tretinoin Gel
Strength : 0.025/0.05/0.1%
Packaging : Tube
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Tretinoin Gel is used to help cure pimples problems. It may reduce the number and harshness of pimples and enhance quick treatment of pimples that do create. It Belongs to a type of medicines called retinoids. It works by impacting the growth of skin cells

USES: This area contains uses of this medication that are not detailed in the accepted expert marking for the medication but that may be recommended by your medical expert. Use this medication for a condition that is detailed in this area only if it has been so recommended by your medical expert.Other types of this drugs are used to enhance the overall look of the skin and reduce fine facial lines. Your physician may also use this drugs to cure other circumstances.